Ethereum: Istanbul Upgrade Is A Success

After the successful Ethereum upgrade in Feb this year named Constantinople, Ethereum’s next upgrade has successfully completed. Continuing with the Anatolian peninsula theme, the upgrade is rightly called Istanbul. Previous upgrades were Constantinople, and Byzantium.

When is the upgrade?

The upgrade took place at block number 9,069,000 which was successfully mined yesterday, Sunday 8th December 2019.

Any disruptions to trading?

If you keep your Ethereum or Ethereum tokens within your own wallet then there is nothing you have to do, and as such you can continue to trade on Elbaite uninterrupted. If you use exchange wallets, many of crypto exchanges suspended withdrawals, and deposits. It is recommended to always hold your own funds in your own secure wallet. Remember not your keys, not your Ethereum.

Included EIPs

The upgrade is mostly technical, below is the full list of the Ethereum Improvement Projects (EIP) included as part of the upgrade.

  • EIP-152: Add Blake2 compression function¬†F¬†precompile
  • EIP-1108: Reduce alt_bn128 precompile gas costs
  • EIP-1344: Add ChainID opcode
  • EIP-1884: Repricing for trie-size-dependent opcodes
  • EIP-2028: Calldata gas cost reduction
  • EIP-2200: Rebalance net-metered SSTORE gas cost with consideration of SLOAD gas cost change

If you want to start trading uninterrupted with no trading suspensions then Elbaite is the best place to buy and sell cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and Ethereum straight from your own secure web, mobile or hardware wallet. Trade better with Elbaite.

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