Elbaite Partners with UCapture to Enable Carbon Neutral Bitcoin Trading

Elbaite; Australia’s most innovative cryptocurrency exchange is excited to announce our partnership with environmental tech platform UCapture to make bitcoin, ethereum trading carbon neutral.

This partnership will enable Elbaite users to instantly offset 100kgs of C02 at no cost!

It is no secret that cryptocurrency technology because of its increasing adoption and power intensive bitcoin mining processes comes at a cost to the environment. These environmental impacts have been criticised heavily both by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and sceptics. To make this technology scalable, it is not an issue that can be ignored.

Additionally as the impacts of climate change, and global warming affects our whole planet, we are driven to lower our carbon footprint, and encourage other companies to follow suit in initiatives to create a sustainable world now, and in the future.

renewable energy wind energy

For this reason, Elbaite has decided to become the world’s first environmentally friendly cryptocurrency exchange. The first of its ventures is the partnership with UCapture.

About UCapture

UCapture is a web browser extension that enables anyone to offset their carbon footprint. It is a program that partners with over 25,000 stores to fund carbon offset projects on Elbaite’s behalf, at no cost to you, when you shop online. Just install the UCapture Extension on your computer. Then when you shop with partner sites they pay UCapture a commission, which it uses to donate carbon offsets to Elbaite. Their technology also automatically applies the best coupon code available, so you can save money while helping Elbaite go green! Your purchase price does not change and there are no fees – it’s free for you and for Elbaite. Also, UCapture does not track your browsing or obtain your personal information.

Offset your carbon today!

Trade cryptocurrency on Elbaite and help make us the first carbon neutral exchange by registering here: www.ucapture.com/elbaite.

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