8 Most Popular Crypto Slang in 2021

Crypto slang can sometime seem it’s a completely different language! No worries, let us show you the way to start speaking like a seasoned crypto pro!

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Now let’s look at the definition of each crypto slang!

1. What does Hodl mean?

Hodl means to ‘hold on to dear life’. This term originated from a typo of ‘hold’ and is commonly used to mean holding onto coins for a long time without plans to sell.

Example: “I’m Hodl-ing during this price dip”

2. What does FOMO mean?

FOMO is when traders buy or sell crypto due to fear of missing out.

Example: “They are all buying because of FOMO

3. What does FUD mean?

FUD stands for fear, uncertainty and doubt. It refers to the spread of news or rumours to raise doubt and suspicions about crypto.

Example: “Don’t listen to that FUD

4. What does Moon (Mooning, To The Moon) mean?

Moon, mooning and to the moon all refers to when a crypto soars drastically in price.

Example: “Bitcoin to the moon!”

5. What does Diamond hands mean?

Someone who holds their coins despite risks and believes that they are holding for maximum profit are said to have diamond hands.

Example: “Our diamond hands kept hodl-ing and it paid off!

6. What does Shill mean?

When someone publicly endorses and promotes a cryptocurrency to create demand. Often these people endorse and promote the crypto for their own gain such as because they hold the crypto themselves or are paid to do so.

Example: “He is shilling because he bought that coin high”

7. What does Nocoiner mean?

A nocoiner is someone who does not own crypto and strongly believes that crypto is a scam.

Example: “That nocoiner is saying crypto is a scam again”

8. What does Pump & Dump (Rug Pull) mean?

Pump and dump, otherwise known as Rug Pull is the artificial ‘pumping’ (buying) of a crypto price through false or misleading statements. Offenders then ‘dump’ (sell) which causes the price to crash.

Example: “He lost $1000 in that pump and dump

And there you go, the top crypto slangs in 2021. Now you canspeak like a crypto pro!

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